Fuji-Xerox 8560 8570 8590 phaser solid ink printing

Reduce office consumable expenses by printing less via scanning to PDF for distribution.

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Fuji Xerox HOT solid ink




  • Low acquisition cost for superior quality
  • Fastest printing of most common office print jobs
  • Low cost for consumables
  • Unsurpassed ease of use
  • Bright, vivid colours
  • Handles the broadest range of paper types
  • Minimal environmental impact

Fuji Xerox’s exclusive solid ink technology is not only a viable, affordable option for those companies looking to add colour to their business documents, but it has also become a competitive force in the industry.

Other companies have tried to compete with Xerox’s long history of colour expertise, but none have come close to matching the convenience and quality offered by solid ink technology.

  Fuji Xerox HOT solid ink       8570 Ink  Solid Ink

Solid ink adds value to businesses. It is the only printing technology that can create brilliant, vibrant prints on a wide range of media. It is the easiest technology on the market to use. It is the only technology that produces minimal waste. And, with a low entry price and cost per page, solid ink printers truly give customers the most value for their money. 

Fuji Xerox Solid Ink

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